“I wanna be Prom Queen!” said Courtney.

“No I wanna be Prom Queen!” whined Krystal.

That was what this was all about. The true prettiest girls in the school, the Queen Bee’s who had competed against each other for all of those years, both desperate to win the final battle in their war by being crowned the Prom Queen.

He promised them both the chance. He promised them that if they followed him he would rig the vote, he would help them win their final battle. Both listened to him, both followed him, both even accepted the crown he had designed specifically for them.

They felt more like the Queen of everything once they were wearing the crown. That was when he brought them together. That was when he gave them a glance at his double cross. That was when he activated the crowns and the technology within.

Waves radiated out, echoed around, melted their minds. He had no interest in making them Prom Queens. He made them his Porno Princesses.

“Are you girls stupid? Do you think I’ll just give you the title of Queen? No no, you have to earn it. Show me your titties, now.”

“Yes sir!” the two brats said together, lifting their tops, showing me their tits.

“Did I win?” Courtney asked.

“No mine are bigger! Mine are better!” Krystal complained.

“True but they’re both kinda small… who would get implants fit for a Queen?”

“I would!”

“Me too!”

“Looks like it’s a draw then. I guess we need another way to decide. Okay you two, make out with each other.”

They hated each others guts but they’d do anything to be Queen and that included kissing each other, making out sloppily, feeling each others bodies to entertain him. They swapped spits like lovers to fight over the spot of Queen.

The two drew back, panting into each others mouths, saliva hanging between the two.

“So do I win now?”

“No I did all the work, it belongs to me.”

“She was pathetic, trust me. I deserve it.”

“Now shut up brats,” he sighed, “I’m the one who decides and I still can’t split the two of you. You need to do something I can judge properly. Okay both of you crawl over here. You’re going to make me cum and then I’ll decide.”

“Yes sir,” they said in unison again as they crawled closer to make out with his cock.

Sadly for them he wouldn’t decide, he’d never decide. The two would remain his Porno Princesses forever, always wanting more, always working to be the Queen.

They’d do anything to be Queen but they never would.