I love watching girls drink my homemade beer. The utter confusion and arousal on their faces as they try to figure out how they could be so turned on is just priceless. 

Take Cindy here. She was just given a special bottle of my new brew Bounce Top. After only having a few sips, she found herself hiccuping uncontrollably. Within a few minutes, all that burping and drinking caused her tiny b-cups to expand to eye popping D-cups. 

Keep in mind, before she entered my party she was just a fly on the wall, but now she’s the life of the party. Those bouncing boobies guarantee that! 

Here…let’s look at another brew…

Ah yes, my Lesbo Ale is quite strong. A swig or two of that can give any girl “Vagina Eyes”. Now dudes, take my advice, if you see a girl drink this just move on. You don’t stand a chance. 

Hey! Don’t be too glum. Regardless of the outcome, at least you’ll be given a good show 😉

Take Anna and Isabel here. They have been BFF’s and roommates for a long time. With Lesbo Ale added to the mix, they’re about to add lover’s to that list as well. 

Oh wow…things are beginning heat up… let’s give these two a little privacy…

And last up on my list of impressive brews is Horny Betty. Now why girls choose to drink this IPA is beyond me. Maybe it’s the sexual nature of the name that attracts them or maybe they just secretly want to “get some”, but all the girls who drink this are going to leave the party happy, horny, and probably full of cum. 

Who’s drinking that Horny Betty you ask? Well her name is Elise and she originally came to the party hoping to flirt with some of the local frat guys. See, she’s always been a little shy and so she decided to choose a beer tonight that was a little less subtle. 

A gulp here…a gulp there and soon she had her clothes off and her hands stuck between her thighs. She’s consumed so much of the stuff tonight that I guarantee you she’ll be on the floor for the rest of the party. I’m sure this will give plenty of eager dudes a chance to come and “hook up” with her. 

Oh you want to give her a try? Don’t worry she’s fair game. If you want to strip down and take her right here and now she’ll be thrilled. 

Here, why don’t you go and enjoy the rest of the party. You deserve to have some fun after hearing me ramble for most of the night. Oh the beer? Don’t worry, I’ll give you a sample pack before you leave. I wouldn’t want you to go without letting your friends try it out.