Stunning. Does anybody know her name?

The Program was already in her head. She could feel it, making changes, making her enjoy being changed, making her enjoy that it was making her enjoy being changed. Dozens of programmers had already worked on it, tweaking and enhancing and improving its capacity to ensnare minds. Those it couldn’t ensnare it tempted…

Lisa’s client, the man who had sent her the Program, was one of the ones it had tempted. He had made his improvements, and in return… it would give him Lisa.

Already it had taught her to like the idea. She imagined going to her client, her employer, her owner,
once she was done improving the Program,

and sitting in his lap, his cock sliding up into her while she wrote code for whatever project he needed.

First, however, she had to upgrade the Program to claim more minds, more easily. Then she had to send it to all her programmer friends. Someday it would make it back to her new master and he would know the bliss of succumbing to the Program’s control. Until then, she’d just have to do her best to give him as much pleasure as she could.