This was very unlike them.

The two sisters were, frankly, geniuses. Two gorgeous brunettes, they answered to no-one, and knew exactly what they wanted in life.

Until their old friend Mark, who they’d not heard from since high school, somehow got a hold of their email addresses, and sent something that promised to completely change how they looked at life.

After only a few seconds, the sisters realised where they were going wrong in life. There was no need for beautiful women like them to work, or study, and there was certainly no need at all to dress demurely or conservatively.

Within weeks, they’d both dyed their hair a more…fun shade of blonde. Over the coming months, they spent more time at the gym than at the library, working out in order to keep their bodies in perfect shape. 

Out went the plain shirts, jumpers and dresses. In came short denim cut-offs, and tight, tight crop tops.

And every night, without fail, as the sisters’ turned their previously stuffy lives upside down, they sent Mark a photo and a status update, before falling back into that wonderful state of obedient bliss that had first taken hold when he’d sent his special file over to them….