“Is…is this good enough?” Julie whispered. She didn’t want to draw attention to herself, especially not right now with her skirt hiked halfway up her thighs and her dress yanked down to expose most of her bra, but this had to stop. It had to stop soon, before…before…even as she thought about what ‘before’ might mean, she could feel her knuckles trailing along the skin of her legs as she pulled her skirt up another fraction of an inch.

“I’m not deciding, Julie,” the man in the red suit said, his expression filled with polite interest. “Your subconscious is. I suggested you would feel better the more of your body was exposed to my gaze, but I’m not compelling you to do anything. You’re just finding out that you’re the sort of woman that can’t fight that kind of pleasure, that’s all.”

“No, I…I’m not, I can…nnnnfff…I can fight it, I can…” Julie felt her own hands make her a liar again as they slid the skirt back to reveal a little more of her upper thigh to him. She wondered if he could see her panties yet, if he could tell how wet they were. The more she imagined him staring at the soaking fabric and its unspoken admission of her lack of control, the more turned on she got. And the more turned on she got…her hands moved again. She couldn’t stop them.

“Of course you can fight it, Julie,” he said, his voice as soothing and calm as it had been when he first sat down to talk to her. It was the kind of voice that was made to hypnotize. No wonder she couldn’t resist it. “You can…but you won’t. Because why would you ever fight something that feels so good? Why would you fight your own desires? You want this, Julie. The sooner you admit it, the easier all of this will be for you.”

“Please,” she whimpered, as her legs began to slowly part to allow him to see her pussy, outlined by damp, clinging fabric. “Please stop.” Her muscles felt exhausted from the constant struggle to keep them from moving, a struggle that seemed entirely futile at this point. The dress was hiked up to her hips now. Any further and she’d be pulling it clean off.

“I already told you, Julie, I’m not doing anything to you.” She felt the fabric slide up past her waist now, over her chest, off her shoulders. It seemed distant and unimportant next to the realization that he could see almost all of her body now, and that she was practically on fire with arousal because of it. “This is what you want. To give in and be enslaved by your own desires. To let yourself be ruled by bliss. I’m just the one who recognized it.”

Julie let out a long, shuddering moan as she unhooked her bra and let it fall into her lap, then brushed it to the floor with the same gesture that pulled her panties clean off. “Please sir,” she gasped out, her breathing quickening as she felt the cool air against her exposed skin, “tell me what to want next.”

And he did.

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