Blank and listless you stand at attention for me in nothing but your underwear. You had laughed at me when I asked you out on a date in our first year of university. You were politer when I asked you again when we both started working at the research lab, but I could see the pity in your eyes.

I was a nerd, and while you are a brilliant scientist in your own right, you were always pretty and never knew what it was like to be an outsider. To be laughed at.

Of course you were trying to cure disease, while I was working away on my own pet projects. While your work always got the press, the idea of a drug that suppresses will, a literal mind control drug, was the sort of thing that excited the military contractors who pay the big bucks.

Of course they demand results, and while my work has shown positive signs in the lab rats, I needed something to help me jump ahead quickly before my funding ran out. So that’s why I injected you with the serum.

It’s appropriate that your last independent thought was to push me a way as the drug began to work its way into your blood stream. You’ve always pushed me away, but not any more.

Now you’re mine, and with your help I’ll complete my serum’s testing phase and secure a very nice military contract.

Now do as I command slave and remove the rest of your clothing. I want to inspect my prize.