“Why am I doing this? This is a
mistake. He’s my best friend, we shouldn’t – unh – we

Mmm but he’s so big though…you can barely fit
your fingers around him! You can feel yourself leaking all over the
big, fat head of his big, fat cock can’t you? Think how much better
it’ll feel once he’s slid it all the way into you…

“N-no! We can’t –
uh, oh God – we shouldn’t! It’s – ah – we always said…we
always said…”

That was before though, you didn’t know any
better then. Give him a squeeze, that’s it. Feel how hard you’ve made
him! You did that. He wants you and you want him. What’s wrong with
that? Just let nature take it’s course, just surrender to it. It’s

“Fuck, he’s so

It’s easy. It’s so, so easy. Just
relax, just let him decide, let him take care of you for now. You
trust him, don’t you? Trust him to let you enjoy yourself, to enjoy
his cock. It’s what you want anyway, I know it is. So just relax.
Stop thinking about it so much. Stop thinking at all.


That’s it, that’s a good girl.
Doesn’t that feel better? Your head emptying as your cunt fills up
with cock
. Isn’t that so much
better than worrying?


Much, much better.