No pain, All gain (Corrupted Clothing; F2F TF)

Carol had never liked the ditzy blonde that worked at reception, she was too much of a slut to earn her respect, but at least she had been nice enough to lend her her shoes after her own had snapped a heel on the steps down to an important meeting. They were a little uncomfortable and a bit slutty, but she did feel confident standing tall in front of all those men watching her give her presentation and she positively buzzed when her boss complimented her on such a good job.

‘These shoes are amazing,’ she said to Sharon after. ‘But I don’t think I could stand in them all day.’

‘That’s because you’re not supposed to stand in them sweetie,’ she replied with a cheeky wink.

She had meant to return the heels the next day but couldn’t help herself from wearing them again. So what if her feet hurt? It was worth it to feel so alive, so confident, so sexy. She teased and flirted with her male colleagues all day and failed to get any work done, and when she got home her feet were killing and she worried about missing her deadline at the end of the week. But she also felt horny with an aching wetness between her thighs.

She stripped to just her heels and attended to her needs, masturbating for several hours and in several different positions. She discovered her feet didn’t hurt when she was bent over or knelt down and realised there was a way to flirt, get her work done AND not have any pain. Sure, it would make her a slut like Sharon, but she was struggling to remember why she ever thought that was a bad thing.