“How do I look?” She asked, twirling as she came out of her closet wearing my latest gift.

“I think it looks fantastic on you, sweetheart!” He lied, but only partially. If the item did as was promised he doubted it would be a lie for much longer.

“It’s not my usual style, but it’s kinda comfortable I guess. Not sure I’m sold on the color though…”

As she said this, a strange crackle went through the air. Both were confused momentarily but he soon realized the dress was activating.

He watched as the dress changed color from the sort of off-color magenta to a bright pink. It started constricting her as it shrank and the hemline began to rise.

He realized almost too late he was focusing on the dress rather than his girlfriend. She looked shocked, but wasn’t panicking. Maybe that was a feature? Because if she knew what was happening she’d surely be panicking.

As the dress became more short, he watched as her legs toned and seemed to lengthen. Her hips took on the sexiest of curves while the dress continued to tighten at her waist, forcing it ever more small.

Meanwhile, she gasped. He looked up into a face more angelic than it had ever been. Lips plump and parted, the sweetest sexiest eyes. Her hair was growing and becoming more full and shiny.

She smiled at him. Maybe she was accepting all of this he wondered?

Suddenly the neckline of the dress plunged. Before his eyes, her chest quickly swelled into soft orbs begging to be touched. She noticed and looked down. She ran her hand over them before looking up.

Uh oh, he thought. She’s going to be pissed.

Their eyes met as he braced himself.

She smiled and let out a musical giggle.

“Thank you sweetheart! This dress is so totally sexy and fun! Do you want to show me off now?”

“No dear, first I think I want you to take it off for me…”

She stared blankly back at him, opening her mouth to prostest that she had just put it on when it dawned on her what he meant. Her smile widened knowingly as she realized what she was designed to do for him.

“That sounds like even more fun! Help me out it won’t you?”