Her boyfriend stood before her.

Kaitlyn felt her knees weaken. It wasn’t fair. He couldn’t do this to her.

You’re doing it to yourself, a voice told her. You can stop any time.

Her fingers drummed the sides of the strange lights. They couldn’t be that, or… not just that, at least, she’d figured out. The two standing objects had been some weird buy he’d asked her over to look at. She’d told him they were fine, wondering why he’d bothered to ask her over just to get her opinion on a couple of lights, when, idly, she’d walked between them.

The twisting sensation lasted only a moment.

The mirror – he’d set up the mirrors, she realised. He’d know beforehand what was going to happen. He’d planned it all out.

The mirror showed her standing there, gripping the side of the lights to keep herself upright. She was…. something else. Still her. There was enough of her left to be recognisable. But… fat had melted away, acne had cleared, and her laundry day clothes had vanished into the ether to reveal a set of underwear she knew she didn’t own.

They were made for her new body, though.

In the darkness between the two bright lights she saw him extend a hand, beckon her forward with a crook of his finger. It would be so easy to obey. Just fall forwards through the beams of light again. She could already feel them tickling her exposed skin, soft caresses that teased her. She knew somewhere inside that she should feel terrified at being transformed into someone else… and she did, a little. But not enough. Not nearly enough. And what she felt most of all… was sexy.

She took a step through the beams.

Her eyes stayed open this time, knowing what would happen, so she saw as her bra faded as if it had merely been painted on, her breasts swelling outwards, skin glowing, as if to fill the dark void around her. Swaying slightly where she stood, each movement jostled them, shadows shifting over her body, light massaging her warm flesh.

She licked her lips, and waited.

His gaze was locked on hers. Slowly, deliciously, his eyes moved down her body, lingering here and there, before rising to meet her eyes again.

Whatever tiny part of her that was still her blushed. The rest throbbed, yearned, moistened. Prepared itself.

Taking one step, then another, he moved past her, at arm’s length from the outside of the lights. In the black void light reflected only from his eyes. She slowly spun in place, keeping her eyes on his. Circling her, her boyfriend finally stopped across from where he’d started.

Kaitlyn watched him, hands holding her up as she watched him through the lights again.

He raised a hand, and crooked a finger, beckoning.