Demetrius smiled. “Well, Carmen?” he said. “Shouldn’t you be stopping? After all, you’re on the chess team and math club. The science club too, I think. You’ve given me a dozen scientific reasons why hypnotism won’t work on you. So shouldn’t you be stopping?”

Carmen’s shirt was pulled up, exposing her large, heavy breasts. Her bra was missing and her arms were over her head, preventing her from pulling her shirt down to cover her jiggling boobs. Carmen’s boobs were jiggling because she was wriggling her hips back and forth in a surprising sexy dance move for a girl who projected such a geeky image.

Carmen continued to smile the entire time, although it was obvious she was unhappy about it.

“Well?” said Demetrius. “Do I win?”

A crowd had gathered now and was cheering Carmen’s exposed, jiggling rack. The brainy girl was blushing brightly.

“Fine!” she said through clenched teeth, her smile never faltering as she jiggled her breasts for the crowd. “You win! Hypnotism works!”

“Good,” said Demetrius. He snapped his fingers and Carmen was suddenly able to stop dancing. She immediately pulled her shirt down over her breasts.

Demetrius smiled. “So I’ll pick you up at eight, then? Since you now owe me a date?”

Carmen glared at him, teeth clenched. “Forget it! I’m not doing it!”

Demetrius sighed and shook his head. “That’s disappointing, but okay if that’s the way you want it. Blue bananas.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Carmen lifted the hem of her shirt back over her breasts. Then she started her dance again, smiling the whole time.

“Well, see you later, Carmen,” said Demetrius. “I’ll come back at eight and see if you’ve changed your mind about our date.”