“Thanks for fucking me, Master. I guess I should start putting my bikini back on?”

Yes, that would be a sensible idea. I doubt your friends would ignore your absence for more than just one night.

“That’s true. I’m still amazed that I’ll forget all about being your hypnoslut once I step outside.”

Only on the surface. You’ll never really forget, slave. And you’re always just a trigger away.

“I know, Master. I just can’t imagine what it’ll be like to just… not know I’m your slave. I love it, Master.”

Just as you should. But forgetting is obeying, and…

“… obedience is pleasure. Oh… mmm… glad I didn’t put on my bottom yet, that smell would have been hard to rationalize.”

You’re a smart girl. You would have thought of something.

“Yes, Master. Anything to obey you, Master.”

Good girl.

“Oh… mmmm… yeah… really glad I haven’t put on the bottom. Call me soon, Master?”

Of course. And try to bring your friend, the redhead, next time. You’ll find that you’ll be wanting to do that anyway.

“Yes, Master. I live to serve, even when I don’t remember.”

Very good girl.

“Ooooh… ah… hnnn… Master, I think I’ll just leave without the full bikini. It’ll be fun to see how I try to explain that away when I’m out of trance…”


(I’m actually a digital artist that specializes in erotic hypnosis
pieces and these little vignettes are just something that I can do
quickly on the side in between bouts of art sessions. Visit or for my fan art and original pieces!)

Pretty sure I’m going to have fun making my way through @awmbhcaptionstreet‘s back catalogue. Excellent work!