Lana let out a soft gasp as Susan’s arm began to float into the air.  Richard didn’t miss a beat and continued his induction, describing the balloon to Susan more and more until her hand was up like a schoolgirl eager to ask a question.  He told Susan how much deeper she’d fall once her hand fell back down then told her the rope had been cut.  Susan’s hand tumbled back to her side and the look of serenity on her face grew deeper.

Lana could feel a blush spreading across her face.  Thank goodness Susan couldn’t see it now.  If her friend knew what disgraceful fantasies she had….but that was why Susan was the one being hypnotized now and she was the one watching to make sure Richard didn’t try anything funny.  

She’d dreamed of being in Susan’s place countless times, touched herself as she imagined someone melting her will away, turning her into a helpless toy.  When Richard mentioned he knew hypnosis, Lana hadn’t dared express any interest.  If she seemed too eager, they might realize what a twisted girl she was.  So it had been curious Susan who asked if he’d show her how it worked with a trance.

Richard put her through more little steps, breathing exercises and a deepening staircase.  "That’s right, and it feels so good when you follow my instructions doesn’t it?“

Lana blinked at the sudden turn.  She squirmed as she heard Susan happily sigh ‘yesss’ while part of her mind was concerned what Richard intended.  Moments later he took that thread and made following his instructions turn into doing what she was told.  "It feels good to do what I’m told.”  Susan agreed, repeating the phrase for him.

T-things were getting out of hand.  This was where she was supposed to speak up, tell Richard to stop but she hesitated as Richard turned the phrase into a mantra and Susan kept repeating over and over “It feels good to do what I’m told, I love to do as I’m told.”  Hearing confident, independant Susan say such things stunned her into silence, and the mantra just continued as Richard cooed encouragement in Susan’s ear.

Lana shuddered, realizing her hands had gone from resting in her lap to pressing insistently betwee her legs.  She had to stop this.  "R-Richard, I think…“

“Yes Lana?  Do you want to see her go further?”

The right answer was no, she didn’t want him to seduce away Susan’s thoughts, twist her words until she agreed to things she wouldn’t have normally.  But the true answer…the truth was she had fantasized about this too, of kneeling alongside her best friend, sister-slaves for their master.  That deep, dark, disgraceful part of her wanted to see Susan made into a compliant toy, and then feel Susan’s arm restrain her as the same was done to her.  Lana’s voice caught in her throat.  She didn’t dare to speak, unsure what answer would slip from her mouth.

Richard gave Lana a warm smile and turned back to Susan.  Suddenly Susan’s mantra became “It feels good to obey.”  Lana whined softly.  Her hips rose to meet her hand losing control.  Richard’s next suggestion had Susan begin to slowly slip off her t-shirt, one tiny inch at a time.  No nudity had been one of Susan’s explicit limits, but now she looked excited to have another instruction to obey.

Richard stared at Lana expectantly, waiting for her to speak up, but with a small, knowing smile.  He was breaking his promise, pushing Susan past her limits, hypnotically enslaving her.  Lana’s concience screamed for her to stand and stop him, to shake Susan awake, but those dark fantasies….she’d repressed them so long and they had grown and grown and now all exploded at once, unwilling to allow her to disrupt her darkest desires made real.

“Good Susan, let go of your shirt now.”  Susan dreamily complied.  The shirt had only risen high enough to expose her tummy and fluttered back down.  Lana let out a whimper, ashamed that she was disappointed the suggestion to strip had been cancelled.  Then came confusion.

“Now Susan, I’ll count to three and you will awaken and obey one more instruction.  As soon as you awaken you will go into the kitchen and brew a pot of coffee and will not return here until you have a mug ready for each of us.”  He counted up and suddenly Susan was back with a slightly embarrassed smile as she got up.

“I’ll be right back I guess.”  She slipped away and Richard sat down next to Lana.

“I hope I didn’t scare you too much, but I didn’t technically go too far.”  he said softly.  "She’ll be five minutes while the coffee brews.“  Lana said nothing, she was too lost in the sudden change, not sure what Richard’s intent was now.
“So I guess what I’m saying,”  Richard continued, “Would you like to have coffee with me, and then have me insist to Susan that you deserve a turn as well?”

Her head was spinning, but she managed a little nod.