A third party vote is not a wasted vote. It is not a ‘spoiler’ vote. It is not a ‘wasted’ vote. It is not the reason that any person you didn’t vote for wasn’t elected, it does not make you responsible for whoever is elected unless your third party candidate is.

Do not listen to the people attacking, demeaning or criticizing you for exercising your most basic right in this country. They are wrong, vote your heart.

If you can’t understand why Trump would be an absolutely disastrous president and that Hillary is the only person who can beat him, you’re kind of a fucking idiot.

Hey, guess what?  You’re an emotionally manipulative piece of shit.  It’s not your vote; it’s not your place to decide what is done with it.  Who you want to win is not anyone else’s responsibility.  You’re just being a salty little pissbaby that clearly has zero faith in your chosen candidate actually being worth having in the Oval Office.

I’m not going to forfeit my integrity to some snide little bully that feels entitled to MY basic right.

But go ahead–feel free to vote for a woman that has ties to child sex trafficking.  Now get the fuck away from me, and unfollow immediately if you were ever following me to begin with.  I don’t want people like you anywhere the fuck near me.  I am NOT going to stand for people that think they can guilt and shame others into giving up their freedom of choice.

Well technically Trump also has ties to child sex trafficking with one of his businesses.

Third party votes are kinda useless as they have no chance to really win but people can vote for whoever they want. Maybe the day will come where America will actually care about third parties enough to elect one.

People _can_ vote for whoever they want. They _should_ be aware that a vote cast for a third party candidate instead of Hillary because they don’t like her increases the chance of our country being run by the love child of Gordon Gekko and David Duke and that unless their political goals are, “see Earth perish in a nuclear holocaust”, there is no way this advances their agenda in any meaningful sense.

You still want to vote for Gary “What does the Department of Commerce even do?” Johnson or Jill “wifi causes brain damage” Stein? Hey, I can’t stop you. But don’t fucking tell me that you’re proud of yourself for it, because with that bullshit I will not put up.

Novel idea: If Trump wins, blame Trump voters.