Kim picked up the phone on the second ring.
“Hi, is this Kimmi?”
She paused. She didn’t recognize the voice, and nobody called her that.
“Ah, this is Kim… who’s calling, please?”
“Say ‘Yeah, this is Kimmi!’.”
Before she could think to react, Kim heard herself answer.
“Yeah, this is Kimmi!”
“Great! How are you today, Kimmi?”
“I… what? Who is this?”
“Say ‘I’m super, thanks!’.”
“I’m super, thanks!”
“That’s so good to hear, Kimmi. What are you wearing?”
Kim hesitated, trying to get her bearings. It felt like the conversation was moving too fast for her. She didn’t understand what was happening. Why was she saying those things?
“Look, I don’t know what.. I have to go.”
“Don’t hang up the phone. Tell me what you’re wearing.”
Kim stopped. She had been about to hang up, but… she just couldn’t, now. She found herself speaking.
“I’m wearing a black tshirt and a blue hoodie, blue jeans, socks, a bra, panties, and my shoes.”
“Really? Say ‘I’m, like, totally naked!’.”
“I’m, like, totally naked!”
Kim couldn’t control herself. She was just saying things. She didn’t seem to be able to stop it.
“Oh, you are? I thought you were wearing lots of things. It’s important not to lie, Kimmi. Think about it for a second, then tell me what you’re wearing, and make sure it’s true.”

Kim froze. She tried to recite again a list of what she was wearing. She didn’t seem to be able to. The words just wouldn’t come. Then she tried to say she was naked again. Those, too, froze in her mouth. She couldn’t say what she was wearing, she’d been told not to. She couldn’t say that she was naked, that was a lie. So what could she say?
Kimmi jumped up, pulling off her clothes quickly. She tossed them aside, hurrying, unsure why this was so important. Finally, when all of her clothes were in a heap on the floor, she picked up the phone again.
“I’m, like, totally naked!” Kimmi chirped.
“Good girl, Kimmi! I’m proud of you. Give me a nice big smile, and say ‘Thanks!’.”
Kimmi smiled nice and big. “Thanks!”
“See, now, isn’t this nice and easy, just saying what you’re told? Say ‘uh huh.’.”
“Uh huh.” He was right. This was easy.
“Good. Now, I’m going to come pick you up now. I’ll bring you back here, and we’ll train you some more. I’m going to make you a nice, obedient little bimbo fucktoy. Does that sound good?”
Kimmi didn’t answer. She had no idea what to say.
“Say ‘That sounds super!’, Kimmi.”
“That sounds super!”
“I’m glad. Now when I hang up, you just sit patiently, twirl your hair, and giggle. I’ll be there soon. Say ‘Bye-bye, Sir!’.”
“Bye-bye, Sir!”
“Bye, Kimmi. See you soon.”
Kimmi heard the phone click. She hung up, and then just sat patiently, giggling and twirling her hair.