When Lindsey was first put in the padded room, she spent hours
pounding on the door, yelling at them to let her out. Why on earth would
they put her in a padded room?  She wasn’t crazy, she was a dentist for
God’s sake! Not that dentist couldn’t have a screw loose, but she just
wasn’t a crazy person!

tried telling that to the doctor here.  She tried to keep calm, show
that she was in control of her facilities, that she wasn’t a threat to
herself or others.  How in the world could they justify locking her up?

really wasn’t until her second or third session with Dr. Bluth that she
suspected that this place wasn’t on the up-and-up. Its not like she had
much formal training in psychology, but she was pretty sure that
hypnosis wasn’t an approved therapy for psychosis. But she wasn’t
psychotic! Maybe it did make sense to use hypnosis then… but…

her brain was working so weirdly after talking with Dr. Bluth.
Everything was running together and against itself.  She was so sure
that she was mentally healthy, but now… not so sure.

Maybe Dr.
Bluth was right, she needed to do something to boost her self-esteem.  
Focus on something she already knew she was good at… like her looks!

was kind of a breakthrough moment for Lindsey. Once she got past the
first few hurdling blocks, everything started to fall into place. She
got her mind right. With the help of her doctor, she found that
masturbating really helped center her.  She would spend hours, just
passively grinding against her hand or her pillow, letting the pleasure
ride over her in waves.  She always felt so much better if she spent
less time thinking and more time cumming.

Finally, someone opened
the door of her cell,  “Lindsey, we’re going to have a very important
test for  you today.  If you pass it, we’ll let you go back to your

“Oh, a test,” Lindsey said, a bit crestfallen. She
wasn’t very good at tests, because she wasn’t very smart, “Um, do you
think I can suck your dick first before we start for good luck?”

“Well, you just passed the test,” Dr. Bluth said jovially, “But you can just for old time’s sakes.”