“No…” She whimpered and pawed at the screen. The signal had gone out again and she feared that it might never come back. Each time it went out her stomach dropped…What if this is really the last time?

It booted back on and she rolled onto her back, her hand sliding into her soaking wet panties as she arched her neck to look at the signal upside down. “Yes…please…” she exhaled softly as if she was answering unspoken questions “I’ll be a good girl…I promise” Her climax was building as the signal swirled faster and faster, “yes…” she answered, “yes…yes…please anything!” Her eyes reflected the swirling colors as her pupils dilated, she was about to cum…[click]. The signal died. “No!” she pressed her face against the screen, “please….come back….please” But it didn’t. Her pussy throbbed with need, but without the signal…Justin! It was his TV, maybe he would know what was wrong.

She dragged herself across the room to her cell phone and called her neighbor. “Justin?” her voice was desperate but she couldn’t mask her need, “something’s wrong with the TV you gave me.” She slipped her hand under her shirt and teased her nipples as she listened to him. “Yes of course! Oh god thank you, thank you! The door’s unlocked, please hurry!” she said and just dropped the phone without bothering to hang up. Her hand diving to her needy clit again, a pool of her juices collect on the floor as it poured from her panties. Justin knew exactly what was wrong and he was on his way over to make sure she got what she needed…as long as he got want he wanted. The door to her studio opened and she looked up to see her savior. She crawled over to him and began kissing his boots, “Thank you, oh god thank you…” she said climbing up his pant leg.

His hand stroked her hair, calming her as she clung to him. “You need that signal don’t you?”

“Yes…please” she replied as she rubbed her face against his crotch, feeling his cock begin to harden.

“Will you be a good girl for me?”

“I’ll be a good girl…I promise” she replied, now looking up at him as her hands unbuttoned his pants.

“You willingly give yourself over to be my sex slave?”

“Yes!” she said as she spit on his fully erect cock and stroked it with both hands before taking it into her mouth.

“You’ll bring your friends over and enslave them to the signal?”

“…Yes!” she replied as she came up for air, drool coating his cock and dripping on to the floor as she salivated for more orders.

“You’ll do anything to cum, won’t you?”

“Yes, anything!” she begged and milked his cock desperate to bring him pleasure so he would bring the signal back. Just as tears began to stream down her cheek she felt her mouth fill up with his cum. Justin head rolled back as he gave out a primal grunt of pleasure and the moment she swallowed her thoughts went blank as the orgasm she’d tried to achieve for the past two days ripped through her broken mind. She held onto his leg so as not to fall over, with the remnants of his load dripping from her lips she exhaled, “thank you…thank you…”

Justin picked up her limp body and placed it in front of the TV as her mind began to slowly piece itself back together. With her need to orgasm gone she was starting to see things clearly again…She felt Justin against her back, but didn’t have the motor skills to pull away. She saw him pulling up an App on his phone. He was going to turn the signal on again… “No…” she said weakly. She needed to stop him, but it was too late…[click]…

Justin directed her head towards the screen and she felt her pussy become warm and tingly again. “That’s a good girl,” Justin said as he slipped his hand into her panties, “Master’s gonna take good care of you…”

The corners of her mouth twitched up into a smile as the colors swirled and danced in her eyes. “Thank you master…” she said