I love to put on headphones and listen to my new favorite song. It’s called “(You Are a Filthy Slut) Good for Nothing but Sex.” Whenever I hear it, it makes me feel really, really good. It makes me want to to dance, to jump in the air out of sheer ecstasy. But most of all it makes me want to find a nearby cock and do whatever it takes to make it squirt hot jizz all over me or inside me.

Yes, I know the title is a bit misogynist. But the song has just the right note of irony to it, just the exact amount to transform what would otherwise be vile and hateful and demeaning into something that is really, really sexy; like, so hot that every time I hear it I want to give up everything for a life of fucking and sucking and serving the one who claims me.

You don’t seem to believe me. I’m not surprised. It’s really hard to explain quite how wonderful the song is. Perhaps the best way for you to understand is for you to listen to it yourself. Here, take these headphones and put them on. I’ll tell you what: Why don’t you listen to the song, and I’ll put my iPod on repeat, so you can hear it over and over and over again. Won’t that be fun?

(source: @girls-n-beats; via lynnfected)

This is an old caption, and I’m sure I’ve posted it before, but damn it, it’s a crime a caption this great only has 46 notes.