She’d never noticed it.

After a long day’s work, she had been exhausted, her mind
barely holding together from all the stress and frustration and she’d still had
a long ride on public transit to get back home. So, she’d done what she always
did, bundled her hair behind her neck into a ponytail and put the headphones
over her head. The music would take care of the rest, helping to wash away all
the stress, frustrations and worries as she let herself drift off into a quiet
emptiness as she rode.

It was routine. It was easy to slip into. It was easy to
just let herself go and feel safe and secure.

She never noticed how the notes of the music were slightly
off, how they seemed more powerful, more vibrant, almost tangible compared to
the normal ethereal quality they held.

All she cared about was the way they melted down the stress
and tensions out of her mind into a nice arm, tranquil puddle of calm.

Slowly, the soft heat of a kind of relaxation swept through
her, sweeping down from her belly, down her hips, her thighs, her knees, her calves,
down to her ankles, feet and all the way to her little toes. It felt so
wonderfully good as she could feel it spreading up as well. Inch by inch,
sweeping over her body.

Making her feel so warm and relaxed and care free.

Like she was emptying her head of all the worries and stress
of the day one pulsing note after the next.

Only, the heat wasn’t content with being simply a soft,
steady sensation.

No, it had to grow, slow, soft, slick and powerful. The heat
in side of her was growing, a shifting, restless sensation that highlighted the
gnawing emptiness that quivered beneath her stomach. But it grew so slowly, so
subtly, she didn’t even realize what was happening, what she was experiencing
until she heard the soft, sweet, wanting moan leave her lips.

By then, she found herself lost, submerged in a pool of
sweet, hot, bubbling desire that had been slowly, inexorably eating away at her
thoughts and mind even as she found herself stumbling back to awareness.

Only, by the time she was, she wondered, was there anything
she even wanted to do?

The pleasure, the desire, the emptiness was intoxicating.
Like a voice was whispering in her ear for her to simply surrender, to empty
her mind of all her thoughts, all her fears, all her worries. To just Give In,
Surrender to the pleasure, the sweet, melting Bliss that was slowly beginning
to consume her mind.

She could practically hear it too, smooth, soft, powerful.
It was like a pair of lips were at her neck, breathing hot teasing breath
against soft, smooth, oh so sensitive skin. Words that offered, promised such a
wealth of delight and pleasure that she shivered and shuddered in hunger
beneath their possibility.

It was when she started to lose herself in it. Letting
herself go, floating with the music, with the headphones, with that voice that
was slowly taking control of her. Guiding her, influencing her, Emptying her.

By the time she managed to get back into her apartment, her
body was practically on fire with desire. All thoughts of stress, all worries
were gone, melted down into a useless heap of slag that bubbled and boiled and
Wanted so desperately.

Everything she’d been was currently dripping down between
her thighs, and she smiled, Empty and Wanting as she started to slowly pull off
her shirt, lowering her headphones just long enough to take a selfie and send
it off.

Where, she didn’t know. She didn’t know anything currently
beyond Emptiness and Want. And that made her feel so very Good.