Oh. So this was what she looked like when she was hypnotized.

She stared at the camera on her phone, taking in her glazed, half-lidded eyes as the mirror reflected them. She watched herself slowly walk in a daze toward the mirror, distantly aware of what she was doing but unable to stop it. She watched her own thumb tremble over the button, preparing to take a photo of herself in this blank, mindless state.

In a moment, she knew, she would snap that picture. She would obey Master’s command and take a photo of herself, entirely naked and deeply controlled. She would tap on it and email it to Master. She would not resist. She knew that she could resist him, but every time she tried to make that abstract ‘could’ into a real, concrete action she thought instead about how sexy it would feel to obey instead. She felt obedience like a breath on her clit, and that breath became a tingle and that tingle became a deep current of pleasure and she remembered that obedience always felt so much better than resistance. So she would always obey.

She didn’t know what Master would do with the photo. She only knew that he wanted it, and she had long ago joyfully accepted the idea that it felt good to do what Master wanted. Her bedroom altar was created, item by item, through pleasure conditioning to Master’s will, and she worshiped at his shrine every night with her orgasm. This was just another step in that process, another inexorable link in the chain that bound her to Master’s will. The photo would belong to him. Just like its subject. To do with as he wished.

There was a brief flash, but she didn’t react. She was too deeply hypnotized to react now. She was aware, on some level, that her thumb had pressed down on the button on the screen, but she wasn’t really connecting the flash to the button. She was lost in staring at herself and watching her own mesmerized eyes mesmerize her deeper. Deep enough that obedience was unthinking, instinctive and automatic. She didn’t need to think, not when she could obey her Master.

She tapped on the photo and prepared to send it. She knew that the instant she sent it, she would lose that memory by Master’s will. It would simply drop out of her thoughts, washed away in a tide of unthinking bliss as she received intense and irresistible pleasure from obeying the command to forget obeying his commands. Later, he would send it to her, and she would masturbate furiously on seeing tangible proof that she could be made to obey and forget. But for now, she simply obeys. And forgets.

She tapped send. Her brain went white with orgasmic bliss. And then, lowering the phone in confusion, she walked away.

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