She looked like she was lost in thought, but it was really just the opposite.

She was tasting his precum, rubbing the head of his cock absent-mindedly and letting her mind simply drift. It didn’t drift to anything in particular; she didn’t think about her day or make plans for tomorrow or even wonder why she was giving his shaft tiny little kitten licks while staring vacantly into space. It was just a thing that was happening. She had a cock in her hand, a cock in her mouth, and it felt amazing.

Her eyes went in and out of focus as she licked and sucked, the scent of his musk wafting up into her nostrils like some exotic drug. It was…she felt…good. It was all good. Not knowing another word for it also felt good. Her thoughts gradually descended into a wordless obsession with the shaft she gently rubbed between her fingers, up and down and up again, and that…that felt good too.

She didn’t know whose cock it was anymore. The only word she could associate with him anymore was Master, part of a vocabulary that was rapidly diminishing down to “Master” and “yes”. She could repeat other words, and she could hear herself doing exactly that between long, slow, loving licks. But they were just sounds. The only words she understood anymore were, “Yes, Master.”

Everything else was instinct now. Master’s commands went right past the mind that was already descending into a blank void filled only with cock and touched the part of her that obeyed. That part of her mind was agile, sharp, inventive and utterly incapable of critical thinking. If Master commanded her to tie her feet to the bedposts she would execute every complex knot without ever considering even in the slightest whether he would ever let her go. She was “Yes, Master.” She was cocktranced. Everything else faded into unimportance.

And then she was gone. Her eyes stared, but there was nothing behind them. Until Master brought her back, she would be nothing but devotion to his will and his cock, and it felt…she couldn’t think of a word. She couldn’t think of anything. But the shudder of orgasm that went through her body as he spurted onto her tongue said more than any word ever could.

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