The first time I hypnotized her, she was fully clothed. She was sitting a comfortable chair, staring at a flickering flame, and listening to the sound of my voice slowly taking her deeper and deeper down.

After that, it was easy to get her to want to be hypnotized more. The first thing that went was the clothing. I started hypnotizing her and having her strip while she was under. That made it easy to associate undressing with falling deeper and deeper for me.

Then we started moving away from the chair. I kept reinforcing how much she loved it when I took her under. How she wanted it all the time, wherever we were, or during whatever she was doing. That made it easy to link certain stances and ways our bodies could interact with feelings of deep, deep mindlessness and submissiveness.

The process was long and took a lot of creative suggestions, but now she sinks into trance whenever she assumes this position: naked and kneeling. Now all she wants to do strip, kneel, look deep into my eyes, and sink into a deep, mindless, obedient trance. All she wants to be is my good girl. And I give her lots of opportunities to do so.

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