“Susan!” The Boss bellowed, sending his secretary spinning around in her chair more quickly, and with a lot more obvious guilt, than she would have preferred.

She was busted:  how was she going to explain what was happening on her computer screen when she couldn’t even explain it to herself?  When had The Words replaced the Events Calendar she’d been working on?  Why had she simply sat there, watching them drift and flow across the screen?  How long had she been zoned out?

Had he heard her repeating them aloud?

“Sir, I know how this looks, but…” she started, but he simply raised a finger to his lips and she was silent.  It scared her how quickly she’d reacted to that gesture.

“What are you going to do from now on, Susan?” he asked.  She could feel his confidence growing as he saw the confusion in her eyes.  Before she could even process the question, her lips were forming the answer.

“Fuck you like a good slut.  Your fuckdoll whore will obey.”

Part of Susan was surprised to hear those words.  Part of her, the part in control, knew they were true.

“Show me you body, Susan.  Tits first.”  His smirking grin scared her.  Excited her.  Made her feel like she was doing what a good slave should.

“Yes, Master.” she whispered, beginning to unbutton her top.


Great posts @bimbeth

Mmm…I love it! Hooray for workplace brainwashing!