“I…I…obeyyyynnnnnnnh!” The pleasure startles her so much she pulls her hand away, but it returns all on its own in a matter of moments as if drawn by some new kind of gravity to caress her pussy once more. Her face, though, remains set in the same stunned expression, unwilling to believe her body could betray her like this.

“Again,” he says. He is not stern, merely commanding. He sits in the chair, the tent in the crotch of his pants the only outward sign of his arousal, dangling the pendant that has captured so much of her attention already. He is infinitely, terrifyingly patient. He waits for her response.

“I…” She struggles to hold the next word in, but the promise of release teases it out of her. The first time she whispered those words, mere moments ago, her clit tingled like he was pressing a vibrator against it. She knows it will happen again. She knows it will happen every time she…she… “I obey,” she moans, unable to resist the word once the thought is in her mind.

“Again,” he says. She almost wishes he would go ahead and fuck her; she’s ludicrously wet right now, aroused to the point where she would beg for his cock if he gave her the chance. But he doesn’t move. He knows that no matter how much it turns him on to break her will, it will feel even better once the pleasure shatters it entirely. Only then will he give her the pounding she craves.

The thought helps to wear away her resistance even more. “I obey,” she chants, her fingers dancing on her clit, pumping into her pussy. It feels good to masturbate for him, it feels hot to display her body to him, but nothing makes her wet cunt light up like programming herself to surrender. She feels the relentless tug of bliss on her thoughts, and she finds to her continued astonishment that it’s so much stronger than she is. She’s a slave to it.

And he controls that pleasure. “Again,” he says, his voice completing the circuit of understanding in her mind. If she’s a slave to her desire, and that desire is firmly under his unshakable control, then she must be a slave to him. The logic is irrefutable, at least to her befuddled mind.

“I obey,” she says, her eyes going glassy as the pleasure blanks her thoughts once and for all.

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