She was so proud!

It wasn’t that long ago that she had thought cocks, no, penises were gross. That’s what she thought and she wouldn’t hear any different. Sure, she had had sex a few times, but it was always to get it over with and only if her boyfriend pleaded with her. She just never saw the appeal. Especially not with that… icky thing.

But that was before she met Mike.

She hadn’t really liked him at first. He was way too crass for her. Always talking about sex and girls he had been with or girls, well sluts was the word he used, he wanted to be with. She really didn’t like him.

But when they started talking one evening, he explained to her that he was just embracing his sexuality. He hated the way society looked down on sexuality as something to be hidden away, as something to be ashamed of. One should be allowed to embrace and express one’s true self.

She couldn’t really disagree with that.

They started talking about sex each time they met after that. He was much more experienced than her, not that it took a lot. Somehow she felt she could learn a lot from him. About sex and about her own sexuality. She talked to him about her problems with sex, how she didn’t really enjoy it. And that’s when he reassured her that it was perfectly natural for a girl like her to feel that way. It was because she was doing it all wrong. She was trying to enjoy sex for herself, when it was meant to be all about the man. Her chief objective should be to make him happy. If he is happy, she should be happy. Her pleasure came from giving him pleasure.

That made so much sense to her. That must be why it hadn’t worked before. She had been way too focused on herself when she should’ve been focused on the man. How silly she must’ve seemed to her boyfriends. Good thing Mike was there to help her out.
She asked if there was any particularly good way to give a man pleasure and luckily Mike knew just the way.

Soon she had his penis, no, cock she corrected herself, in her mouth and was bopping her head up and down.
He was so right. This felt much better than all those times she had had one of her boyfriend lick her pussy or allowed them to have sex with her. This was a thousand times better. It felt right. She just had to focus on the cock in front of her and doing anything she could to pleasure it.

And Mike had plenty of ways to help her do that. For instance he had just showed her how to deepthroat his cock, by grabbing a hold of her head and forcing his cock down her throat as she gagged. But thankfully he hadn’t stopped when she gagged, he had just pushed further down. She was so lucky to have him there to help her.

As she felt him shoot his cum down her throat, she swallowed like he had told her to. She felt so good as she knew she had made him come.
This was why she excited. To help give men pleasure and thereby get pleasure herself.

She was so proud of herself for finally figuring it out.

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