Oh, sure, magic potion in my drink. Of course there is.

I suppose you think this is the kind of “magic potion” that’s going to turn me into a chick?

A hot chick, with swollen tits, a nice round ass, and legs to die for?

The kind of blonde slut that’d get off on you looking at her fuckable body and get horny herself?

Who’d just watch her jugs growing more and more, while growing more and more thrilled about all the cocks she’d be able to fit between them?

That would strip out of her clothes, making sure to do it sexily, teasing you like the wanton whore she is, knowing that all the promises she’s making she’ll fulfil?

Who’ll get on all fours and wiggle her spreading ass up at you, begging for a spank?

The kind of broken slut who’d whimper and moan as her nipples rubbed against the carpet?

Rubbing her needy pussy so she’s all wet and ready for your huge cock?

A dripping, sex-starved, lust-driven fucktoy, whose only in purpose in life is to serve you like the bitch she is?

That kind of magic potion?

Yeah. Right.

What do you think I am, gullible?

Now get down here and fuck me already, Master.