“I don’t really get it, Ginger,” Elaine called out through the bathroom door. “You said this was one of those photo filtering apps, but all it does is put rainbows around everything!” She tilted the screen just a little, and sure enough, the screen showed a wash of shimmering color outlining her arm. It was kind of neat, watching it leave trails of light as she waved her hand around, but she didn’t see how it could hold her interest for more than a few minutes.

“I know!” Ginger squealed excitedly from the next room. “Isn’t it awesome?” Elaine sighed in a mixture of resignation and amusement; she should have realized that Ginger would be irresistibly drawn to any app that involved rainbows, kittens or unicorns. “Just move it around, there are all sorts of cool effects depending on what you’re looking at.”

Elaine moved the phone around, watching as her face lit up with sparkling light. She had to admit, it was neat to see the way that her eyes transformed into shimmering pools of color. It looked like a sheen of smooth oil was covering them, making them ripple and dance with mesmerizing rainbow patterns. “Okay,” she said, “I can see what you mean, a little. But–”

“But you want to keep looking, right?” Ginger asked teasingly. “I totally get it. When I first saw it, I didn’t want to look away either. Just keep watching, it gets even better.” Elaine didn’t really see how it was going to get ‘better’–it was just twinkly lights, after all–but she decided to humor her friend a bit longer. There was no real hurry, after all. She had plenty of time to just look a bit deeper into the shimmering rainbow patterns.

“Okay,” she said, “I’m watching, what is it going to…to…” Elaine wasn’t sure if Ginger was even hearing her now. She didn’t seem to be able to raise her voice anymore; shouting felt like too much effort now. She just wanted to stare into the deepening rainbow haze that was fogging over her eyes almost completely now, blurring over almost the whole screen with a thicker and thicker overlay of shimmering color. “…to do?” she finished, barely able to mutter the words.

“Don’t worry, just keep watching!” Ginger shouted. She didn’t need to bother. Elaine was staring into the screen with a fascinated smile, her eyes riveted to the colors as they gradually thickened and deepened until she could barely see herself. She looked like she was made of rainbows now, like her whole body was nothing but a swirl of beautiful light made solid. She never imagined she could look so sexy like this, but the filter transformed her into a sensual, erotic…Elaine suddenly realized her pussy was on fire.

She wondered what the rest of her would look like. Once the thought entered her mind, she couldn’t stop thinking about what her breasts would look like outlined in rainbow light. No sooner had the idea popped into her head than she was pulling her top down, staring with a dreamy smile at her tits as the shimmering patterns swirled and danced over her silky smooth skin. It was all so beautiful, she realized. So mesmerizing…

She didn’t even notice Ginger opening the door and coming up behind her. She didn’t consciously hear Ginger’s whispered words, describing the beauty of the harem, the wonders of hypnotic submission. All she could understand was that Ginger’s fingers looked so gorgeous as they wrapped around her and gently fondled her breasts until she shook with mindless bliss. She barely managed to realize that she was taking her clothes off, then the rainbows took her once and for all.

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