I am a dumb slut.

I am a dumb slut.

I am a dumb slut. 🙂

I am a dumb slut.

I am a dumb slut.

i am a dumb slut

I’m not a dumb slut. It’s not really my style, I prefer to be in charge. Still, it’s sometimes fun to wonder what would happen if I was…Picturing myself with that body and that hair, blinking those big round eyes and saying “I am a dumb slut”…

Just watching for a while and letting my brain leak out my ears until I’m a dumb slut. Staring at that loop for hours, thoughts of dominance replaced with a lust for cock like the dumb slut I am…No control, no desire for pussy, just a dumb slut with an empty mind…

Maybe I could be a dumb slut. Maybe I am a dumb slut. That seems like a totally dumb slut thing, to not even know if you’re a dumb slut. A dumb slut who giggles instead of thinking and can’t even, like, form good sentences and tyep and stff.

I guess I am a dumb slut. I’m a dumb slut. i’m a dumb slut. i’m a dumb slut.