Kristen Bell‘House of Lies’ (2012)

Silently, Kristen screamed.

The pull had come from nowhere. She’d simply walked out of her house in what she was wearing at the time and driven until she arrived at a house she didn’t know. She’d tried not to, but no matter what she did, her arms and legs just refused to obey her. She couldn’t even cry out for help!

She’d walked in the unlocked door and locked it behind her, then walked into a bedroom where a man waited in the bed. She knew, somehow, that this was his doing, that he’d taken control of her body in ways she could scarcely imagine.

She didn’t know what she wanted, didn’t hear his voice in her head, nothing like that. Her body just acted on its own as she stripped down to bra and panties. Then with a small smile–one she didn’t want to make, but couldn’t help–she began to dance for him.

But even that wasn’t the worst of it. No, the worst was that she was getting more and more turned on as she danced, and she didn’t know if that was his control or something in her that somehow wanted this. She was going to fuck him, and at least part of her wanted to!

And once she did, she’d be lost. He couldn’t, or didn’t want to, control her thoughts and feelings, but he wouldn’t need to. He could make her body respond to him, make it the best sex of her life, and that thought was turning her on more. He could make her feel pleasure like she’d never dream of, until she begged for more. He could turn her into an addict if he wanted. He didn’t need to be able to control her mind; in the end she would give it to him willingly.

She wouldn’t be able to help herself. In the end, she would want it.

She already wanted it.

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