“You still seem confused.” Michael’s voice cut through the thickening fog in Alison’s brain, resonating in her mind until it was the only thing she could really focus on at all anymore. She looked at him through heavy, unfocused eyes, feeling sure that something wasn’t quite right. She wasn’t normally this…this…she groped for the right word to describe it, but then Michael spoke again and she lost her train of thought. “Let’s go over this one more time.”

She nodded, desperate to show that she was listening. Something in the back of her mind, though, kept saying that maybe…maybe listening was the problem? She remembered walking in here, calm and confident, but then… “You want to be a good girl,” he said, his words once more slicing through her tenuous concentration with an unshakable certainty.

“I want to be a good girl,” Alison whispered. It was true, wasn’t it? Who would want to be bad? It was just one of those things, those statements you couldn’t argue with. An aphorism? A tautology? Alison felt like she should know this, but–

“A good girl is an obedient girl.” Again, the voice. Alison couldn’t argue with that voice. She couldn’t imagine facing down that stare and saying ‘no’ to those strong, piercing eyes. She couldn’t…she couldn’t look away, she was so…so heavy, so lost…

“A good girl is an obedient girl,” she replied softly. She felt like she was losing a battle she didn’t even know she was fighting.

“An obedient girl is a naked girl,” Michael continued. Alison felt her fingers twitch, playing with the fabric of her bra. This…this was where she’d gotten confused last time, she knew it. Michael had explained it all, and she’d agreed with it all, but…but her fingers had gotten confused when it was time to take off her bra and show Michael her tits. Her fingers didn’t understand.

They understood now. “An obedient girl is a naked girl,” she sighed, pulling off her bra and panties. She knelt on the bed, feeling a soft, hazy thrill in her mind at the way Michael’s gaze caressed her body. She could feel the intensity of his desire in her stare, and she wanted so much to give in to that…but the lesson wasn’t over.

“A naked girl is a horny girl,” Michael said, unzipping his fly and pulling his cock out. It was hard, dripping at the tip with precum, and once she saw it, Alison couldn’t look at anything else. It was so sexy. It was so erotic. She was so turned on right now. How could she not be? She was naked, and a naked girl was a horny girl was an obedient girl was a good girl was an obedient girl was a–

Her eyes went glassy as her mind finally shut down. “A naked girl is a horny girl,” she replied automatically, but she was no longer thinking about the words. She was no longer thinking about anything. When Michael drew her head down to his cock, all she could do was obey.

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