“If you are holding back from volunteering out of fear or even shyness,” said Professor Kineda, “let me remind you that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, that you are in control of yourself when you are hypnotized, and you will not accept a suggestion to do anything that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. So who wants to volunteer?”

Okay, then. If the professor said it was safe, then Ellen would volunteer. She raised her hand. A couple of other hands were raised in the classroom.

Ellen watched in amazement as Professor Kineda went from volunteer to volunteer. She stood in front of each one, wiggled her fingers in their face in a silly way, then touched them on the forehead, catching them as they slumped forward onto the desk. Then it was Ellen’s turn.

Professor Kineda wiggled her fingers in Ellen’s face. She said … something. Something happened, but it for some reason it wasn’t that important. Nothing was.

Then Ellen sat up, startled. Professor Kineda had just clapped her hands. Some of  other students were looking at her. What had just happened? What had she missed?

Professor Kineda clapped her hands again. One of the volunteers – Ellen didn’t know him well, was his name Greg? – stood  up. He had a slightly puzzled expression on his face. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed  it on the floor behind him. He bent over and untied his shoes, and then kicked them off. He unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans down his hips. Off came his socks, his briefs. He was now completely naked.

Ellen was astonished. How could this be? She couldn’t believe what was happening. But she liked it. Greg was good looking when clothed; naked, he was irresistibly appealing. His cock was twitching in a most beguiling way.
Ellen had to get a closer look. She found herself standing and walking over to Greg. She knelt to get an even better look at his cock. She couldn’t stop herself from touching it. It felt exquisite in her hands, velvety soft. She stroked it. Greg groaned, and his cock swelled in her hands. She knew it needed to be licked and sucked, which was a good thing, because she was going to go crazy if she couldn’t put it in her mouth.

“The power of hypnosis,” said Professor Kineda to the class, “is the power of the completely ordinary. What the volunteers are doing right now is what comes naturally to them. There is nothing unusual about it at all. What is happening in this classroom right now is utterly unremarkable. Don’t you agree?”

The students all said “Yes, Professor” in unison. All except Ellen, whose mouth was full with Greg’s cock, in a completely ordinary way. Sliding her mouth up and down its length, flicking the tip with her tongue, came completely naturally to her. The wet patch in her panties was utterly unremarkable.

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Always a fan of some devious/sneaky teacher in a story. Great job!

@newrabbithole why I always wanted to become a teacher

you can always show me a bunch of lessons