“What the fu-”

Mary froze as she turned to see what had startled her out of her sexual reverie. Her thoughts slowed like treacle as she struggled to remember where she’d seen that man before. 

As he walked towards her, Mary’s arms fell limp at her sides, and her expression changed, from one of surprise and disgust, to blank obedience.

“Time to stop thinking, Mary.” he spoke, in a low, commanding tone, walking towards her, before standing right behind the entranced actress.

Placing his hands upon her breasts, he began to caress them, slowly, lovingly. Mary stared straight ahead, expressionless, mindless, as he kissed her neck, and whispered in her ear.

“You belong to me.”

Her head was empty. His words were all. And as they made love on the couch, Mary was permitted to remember every moment of her descent into hypnotic, sexual slavery.

for @midorikonton

Mmmm, Mary Elizabeth. I knew @deeperinmypower could do this one justice!