Goal I am virtually guaranteed not achieve in 2017, and likely won’t even try





Find a woman who’s an independent, badass revolutionary in the streets and a mewling sex kitten hypnoslave in the sheets.

Bonus points if she’s a redhead, petite, and/or wears glasses.

I feel the same, though perhaps a tad more positive. I will genuinely try, but I find it very difficult to go to ‘social’ events and get involved, establishing enough initial rapport with people. Actually, I’m probably being harsh on myself really, I’m not that bad, just a little quiet.

Nevertheless, finding someone so awesome, let alone being able to establishing a proper connection with them, feels so mountainous a task. Here’s to unexpected, pleasant, romantic, and sexy surprises in 2017.

[checks hair, checks height.. cowers back under her desk predicting an early Spring]

Wait, do none of you have relationships like this in real life?  Am I the only one with an actual servant girl?  I just figured most people who blogged about this had done it somewhat in real life too, was I wrong about that? I am still not very familiar with Tumblr.

Um, have you read what I blog about? Literally none of it is even possible IRL, and if it were, it would be monstrously evil. I don’t think I’ve ever written a fully consensual sex scene. I sincerely hope you don’t think I do anything like that IRL!I mean, sure, part of me wants that mewling sex kitten hypnoslave. Part of me also recognizes that I really shouldn’t have one. Another part wants a vanilla relationship instead (which is what I’ve done for most of my life, with the exception of one BDSM relationship when I was a teenager). And still another part looks at that whole mess and says, “You know what? This isn’t worth the trouble, let’s start a Patreon and write some porn instead.”