Gwen couldn’t stop touching herself as Dr. Klein read to her. She had no idea what he was saying but it didn’t really matter, she just loved hearing his voice in her head. Masturbating in front of him was the first relaxation technique he taught her as a way to calm her anxiety, but she wasn’t doing it to relax today…she was doing it because she wanted, no needed him.

“Are you feeling anxious Gwen?” asked Dr. Klein when he noticed her squirming. Gwen shook her head desperate for more than just putting on a show for him 

“No sir…” she exhaled “I just can’t help myself today, I need to cum.”


“I see” he replied flatly, “and what do we do when we want help with our neediness?” he asked.

“We beg…” Gwen moaned slipping off her jacket and crawling onto her hands and knees, “Please Dr. Klein, please help me cum again….I’ve been trying all day long, but I need you….I need your guidance….I need your power….I need your cock…”


“I don’t think you’re ready,” he said sternly causing her to slink back meekly, going from a seductive little sexy kitten to a bashful innocent girl.  “Just listen to the words you’ve used, I need, does it matter what you need?”

“No sir…” she felt her voice crack as she tried to hold back tears, “I’m sorry sir…I forget sometimes that my needs don’t matter, only yours do…”

“Good girl” Dr. Klein responded comfortingly, “just know that as long as you’re pleasing my desires, you’re needs will be met and rewarded.”


“Look at this,” he said as he sat down, gently placing his hand on her bare thigh. The touch of his flesh made her pussy ache with need, but she had to pay attention because he was trying to teach her…to mold her.

“That’s a picture of my cheer squad” she said realizing that he was actually just holding her senior yearbook, “Why are some of the girls circled?” she asked.


“Because they’re the ones I want you to bring me…” he said pulling her eighteen year old body towards him, “will you do that for me?”

She gasped with excitement as his hand pulled back her hair while his other one began to tease her tits. “Yes master….” she moaned out, desperate for him to keep using her. He smiled at her calling him master on her own for the first time, no trance necessary because it had been so thoroughly implanted in her mind.

“Climb on top of your master” he commanded “and dance on me like you’ve been practicing.”


Dr. Klein turned on some music and like she had been a stripper for years Gwen started giving him a lap dance. Her tight young cheerleader body teased his hardening cock as his hands roamed where ever he pleased. Her panties were completely soaked now, she was barely able to think with the music pounding in her ears and sensation of his cock teasing her ass while he controlled her movements with his hands. She was just a puppet now, he had complete control of her and he was whispering into her ear as she danced for him. “You want to be my personal little fucktoy all day everyday, don’t you?”

“….yes master…” she replied her breath quickening as his hand felt her soaked panties. The idea of being his live in slave thrilled her and once she graduated high school she could move in without her parents interfering. Giving him lapdances and blowjobs whenever he wanted was all she wanted to do with her life every since Dr. Klein helped her realize that she didn’t want or need college.

“You’re going to make me a lot of money as a stripper aren’t you?”

“…yes master…” she replied as she removed more and more of her clothing, “I’ll give you everything, I’ll earn my place if you let me serve you all day everyday…”


“And your friends?” he asked as he gyrated her tight little body on top of him.

“I’ll play your audio files for them during our next sleep over. I could even…” she responded bashfully.

“What?” he asked with genuine curiosity, “remember, you need to tell your master everything.”

“I could skype you once they’re all in a trace master” she said softly, unsure if he would approve, “then you could command them remotely.”

He smiled wide, “Good girl, that’s a very smart idea” he responded and he pulled down her panties. “Now slide onto master’s cock and be rewarded…”


“Thank you master…” she moan between kisses as she fucked him. She couldn’t wait to turn her friends into master’s personal fucktoys because once they were all dancing and paying his bills, he could devote his practice to just helping other girls in need of his guidance. There are just so many confused eighteen year old girls out there and Gwen wanted to help bring them all to her master.