Marianne found him through a ‘dating’ app. He had a lot of female fans, and he was close by so she invited him over. He’d told her that he’d make her cum her brains out and she’d smiled, hopeful but ultimately doubtful. Too many guys said that and it ended with abject failure.

And then he produced an aerosol and sprayed it into her face. She didn’t have time to react, coughing and breathing in the floral scent deeply.

“Forget I just did that.” he said matter-of-factly.

Marianne shook her head. Her head felt fuzzy. Had he just said something?

“Let’s go to your bedroom. I’ve brought a movie that you’re going to watch while we fuck.”

His attitude stank. She hated it when guys told her what she was going to do, but for some reason, she just nodded, turned and walked to her bedroom. Behind her, his clothes were falling to the floor as she grabbed her laptop for him to load his movie onto.

“You’re going to love this next part.” he smiled as he slid the disk in.

The screen burst into a flood of colours and her mind stilled. She felt her clothes being slid off, discarded before she was finally bent over the bed.

That was… Um… When was…

Marianne tried to remember how long he’d been fucking her, but every time she tried to grab hold of a thought, the spiral snatched it away and replaced it with a mind-wrenching orgasm.

With every thud deep into her came a resounding *pop* as another bunch of brain cells flitted away into nothingness.

It didn’t matter though, she loved this part after all. The colours flashing in her eyes, his voice in her ears and the wonderful scent that he’d sprayed in her face a few times already that made her mind go all gooey before it slid out of her gushing quim.