wine Down wednesday

“Such a good girl. Come here, darling.”

Good girl. Come here. His words, her thoughts, echoing and bouncing off the cavernous walls of her empty mind. Eyes half-lidded, head listing slightly to one side, too tired for her lovely neck to hold up, Alice obeys, carrying the wine glasses like precious artifacts held close to her bare chest. She hands one each to Master and Mistress, and gingerly sits on the couch between them, smoothing over her apron.

“That’s it. Now, wide awake.” He snaps his fingers and her eyes widen; she gasps and shyly covers her breasts, a fierce blush spreading up her neck to her cheeks. She still feels a little foggy, cloudy, dreamy… and very confused.

“Aw, what’s the matter, sweetie?” Mistress asks, reaching over to brush a stray lock of hair over Alice’s ear. Alice looks down at the white frock barely covering her lap.

“W-what… am I wearing?”

“I think you can observe for yourself,” Master says, his teeth flashing in a wide grin. “It’s your servant outfit. Because you do love to serve us, don’t you?”

Servant. Love to serve.

“Mnn… yes, Master.” The words leak out of her mouth before she can stop them. She gasps, covering her lips with one hand, leaving her breast and hardened nipple exposed. “Oh, what am I saying?”

“Just what we all know. That you do love to serve and obey. Right?”

Serve and obey.

“I… I…” She struggles to answer, as the pitch in his voice lowers to that musical tone she finds so impossible to resist. Her head swims with submissive, obedient thoughts; the more she tries to push them away, the stronger they grow, until the only thing she can think, the only words that will form on her lips are “Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.” Master winks at Mistress, as the wave of pleasure brought by his words crashes over both her, and Alice. “Oh, that’s right, darling. I seem to forget sometimes that you have the same triggers. Mmm…good girl. It feels good to obey me, doesn’t it?”

Feels good to obey.

“Yes, Master,” both women intone in unison.

“I am a lucky man. Now, Alice,” he muses, sliding a hand up her bare thigh, making her whimper and shiver with arousal. “I wonder… which one of us shall you beg for your orgasm today?”