“So,” said Lauren as she smiled and stroked her new lover’s arm. “Who do you think made it?”

“The brainwashing program?” replied Julia, sleepily.

“No, the takeaway we had for dinner. Of course the brainwashing program, silly!” She tickled her as a playful punishment.

“Hey, that – hahaha – tickles, knock it off! I don’t know. It’s on your laptop. Maybe John left it there?”

“No, that can’t be right. John’s got no brain for this kind of techy stuff. Besides, I hate him now. Just the thought of him disgusts me and I’m totally going to break up with him tomorrow. It’d be weird if he had programmed me for that.”

“That’s true. Lucy, maybe? You said she had borrowed it and she was acting kind of weird.”

“She’s a kooky goth girl, she always acts weird. But, yeah, maybe. I think she’s a lesbian? And those long black boots she has, mmm… Or maybe she just saw the program and wanted to spread it around.”

“Yeah, that could be it. Spreading the program around does sound like something horny slut slaves should do. Ooh, maybe if she hasn’t seen it, we could show it to her!”

“Uh-huh. And then maybe to my sister. Or that roommate of yours. And they can all join us in worshipping… y’know, whoever it is. I… I…”

“It’s starting again… So good…”

“So good… Must obey… Must watch…”

“Must watch…”