I kicked down the door, it took a few tried but eventually the wood splintered and broke. I ran in quickly, searching through the house. His house. Sandy was here somewhere. He had her locked up in the basement or the attic or God knows what. I had to find her.

Then I entered the room and gasped. There she was, Sandy, just sitting there…naked, save for her colourful socks. Her entire body, breasts, pussy…all on display. She was staring forward blankly, not really focused on anything and she was wearing strange pink headphones. I wasn’t sure what to say at first, frozen in the doorway. I expected her to be tied up and gagged but she was just…here. Just waiting. Waiting for what? Why wasn’t she trying to escape? What was she listening too? Whatever it was she certainly looked enthralled in it…

“Sandy! Sandy we have to get out of here!” I shouted at her.

For a moment I thought she couldn’t hear me. Still staring forward like some kind of mindless doll. As she did I wondered to myself if her body always looked like that. Was she always so slim and toned? Her skin so smooth…was her makeup different? I was snapped out of my irrelevant distracting thoughts as she blinked several times then slowly lifted her hand to her headphones. As she pulled them up she bit her lip a little, it looked like she was struggling to take them off but then when she lifted one side off her ear she giggled at me.

“Come on we have to leave before that creep Jeremy finds out I’m here.”

“Master knows already, he said you would come.”

“He ah….what? What do you mean? Master? What’s wrong with you Sandy? You’re freaking me out!”

“Master is so smart. He said you would be all stressed out when you came and he told me what to do. Oh yeah and my name isn’t Sandy anymore, Master said that’s not dumb enough for a bimbo like me so I’m Giggles now.” She giggled into her hand as she said it.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I came here for my friend Sandy but what I found was this airhead. She called Jeremy master? What had he done to her? Brainwashed her? I shuddered as I thought of it. I decided to just go over and grab Sandy. She was coming with me now, no time to waste.

As I was grabbing her she reached out with the headphones in hand and slid them over my head. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first as my hands just kind of fell onto her. My eyes widened and my body became limp all of a sudden. There was this noise in my head…this piercing noise that I can’t describe. Like a buzzing or a humming or a droning but I couldn’t tune it out. I looked at Sandy, giggling at me as I sunk to my knees in front of her, arm trailing down her body and grabbing at her soft breast as I dropped.

“Master told me to use these on you when you came in here. They’re like, soooo nice to listen to and they make your head all melty. It’s super fun!”

I was so confused. My body didn’t respond to me. It was like I had been shut down by this tone. This tone that penetrated my ears, reached into my head and jumbled my brain. My mouth was hanging open and it was getting harder and harder to think. Harder to focus, harder to understand what was happening to me. I needed to protest…scream, beg Sandy to remove them…something! If I didn’t get these off my head who knows what would happen and my hands weren’t responding to me.

“Guhhhhh-uhhh b-b-buuuhhhhh ahhh”

It was useless. Sandy just giggled uncontrollably as my muddled speech was mother more than unintelligible noises. I was frustrated but at the same time my mind was…uh…melting. Crumbling away as my thoughts and feelings became less important.

“Silly, you’re not a’spost-ta think with those on. They do the thinking for you, just listen!”

I was…so confused. My mind wouldn’t formulate thoughts. It was just so empty. Then she said that. The headphones do the thinking for me. Just listen. I may not have been able to make my own thoughts but once I heard those words they bounced around my head on their own. Over and over. Just listen. They think for you. Don’t think. Just listen. Just listen…

As I did I began to hear it. Not the mind-numbing tone I heard before but something softer…smoother…a voice. It slid into my head so perfectly I barely even noticed it working its way inside.

‘I am a bimbo. I am dumb. I am horny. I am a slave. Jeremy is my master. I love my master. Feels so good to serve. Feels so good to obey. Feels so good not to think.’

It was hard to tell that these weren’t my thoughts. I mean they weren’t right? Uh I was so mind fucked. I didn’t even notice when I started mouthing the words…or when that turned into whispering and then chanting. I saw Sandy’s lips moving too. She was chanting with me. This was what they did to her before. Pummelled her vulnerable mind with these mantras. Broke her down and reformed her as a horny, giggling bimbo…Giggles.

I could feel it happen to me too. Saw the way Giggles smiled as she repeated what I said…it made me feel warm. Excited. I shouldn’t feel that way but my head was a mess. The thoughts the headphones were putting inside were all I could think. Just repeating endlessly. Swirling around and building up inside my head until there was no more room for my silly little brain anymore. No point. Not when all my thoughts revolved around what the mantras told me.

“I am a bimbo. I am dumb. I am horny. I am a slave. Jeremy is my master. I love my master. Feels so good to serve. Feels so good to obey. Feels so good not to think.”

I moaned them now. They were truer and truer with every repetition. Horny. I was so horny I felt my chest pounding and my hips wriggling. Dumb. I was so dumb I knew I would never have another original thought that didn’t somehow involve pleasing my master. Master. He owned me, controlled me and every thought in my silly head. Slave. Yes I was a slave. Bimbo. Yes I was a bimbo.

At some point Giggles and I leaned toward each other. Our faces came closer and our lips were pressing against each other, still chanting our mantras in unison. Breathing out our obedient words into each other’s mouths. Her hot breath entering me and fuelling my arousal, my hunger…my desperate slutty need. I could see my breath was doing the same and soon we were moaning our mantras into each other through sloppy kisses. Spit leaking out as our tongues twisted together in need…twisted like our minds. We were both such horny little bimbos now.

I was groping her breasts, pinching her nipples and running my hands along her smooth skin. She did the same and soon her hand found its way to my quivering pussy. I followed her lead and soon we were humping each other’s fingers like the pair of dumb bimbos we were.

“Mmmmm-master” she moaned into my mouth.

“Mmmmm-master” I moaned back and it filled me with pleasure. Just saying master was hot. Envisioning him here watching us…enjoying our slutty show was even hotter. Him relishing in my reprogramming. Delighting as my will crumbled and I became irreversibly his bimbo slut.

It was so hot I didn’t realise the headphones had been removed from my head. I was still so dazed. I only noticed when Giggles’ soft, sweet lips pulled away and were replaced by a thick, hard cock. I giggled and cheered in response.


Before I could say anything else he pushed his cock up to my lips and into my waiting mouth. I didn’t resist. Didn’t think of it at all. I just let master use me. Wrapped my lips around as tightly as I could and sucked like I knew he wanted. It felt so amazing to be used. For him to grab my hair and force me all the way down. I gagged but at the same time I loved it. I wanted to shout out ‘yes master use me! Force my head onto your cock even more! Show your slut how to please you!’ Of course I couldn’t, my mouth was full of thick, hot cock and I was overjoyed.

Giggles joined in, she looked jealous that master was using me and started fondling and sucking his balls whilst master pounded my dumb throat. I felt so proud that I got to swallow his dick. That wasn’t the only thing I got to swallow. I came all over the carpet when he shot his creamy sperm deep into the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it all but there was so much. As he pulled his cock out of my mouth cum dribbled down my chin and Giggles eagerly seized the opportunity to kiss me once again. Licking and sucking the cum out of my mouth like a hungry whore. I happily shared master’s thick cock milk with her as master watched.

“I’ve decided on your new name…Cumface. Do you like it?”

I nodded dumbly. Yes. I loved my new name, because master gave it to me.