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For years, Mako was torn between his feelings for Asami and Korra. He wanted them both, but in the end… he got neither, as they fell in love with each other.

That would be different now. Korra was away from Republic City on Avatar business and wouldn’t be back for weeks. Asami asked Mako to accompany her to a charity ball in Korra’s place, since it wouldn’t do to arrive alone, and as soon as he arrived at her home, he struck.

It was careful, subtle work. Lightning wanted to be a massive bolt, enough to kill a person with ease, but he was manipulating far smaller, weaker currents here. Redirecting the flow of energy in her brain.

Asami had no idea what hit her. One moment she was fine, and then next she was in Mako’s hands, her head spinning, her body aching with need. She plastered herself against him, and was rewarded with an explosion of pleasure. Within moments, she was reduced to mewling, pleading, urging Mako to take her.

She knew it was wrong, knew it was a betrayal of her love for Korra. But she couldn’t help herself. She wanted it so much, and it felt so good to give in…

By the time her dress hit the floor, any resistance was gone. She was putty in Mako’s hands, his to be molded and pleasure-conditioned. By the time Korra returned, Asami would be his adoring slave.