This is my cosplay of Zatanna Zatara, based on the design of the Bombshell pin-up statue made by DC.

Photo and edit made by gorgeous Aku (

Shall I talk backwards to you? 😉

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With every touch, I send pleasure and desire cascading through Zatanna’s nervous system. Her reluctant obedience evaporated quickly; by the time she was lying naked on her bed, legs spread, she was eager, desperate, pleading for me to fuck her, take her, own her.

But that wasn’t enough. Zatanna’s powers were a mystery to me. For all I knew, all it would take was one spell to erase not only my hold on her, but on all my slaves. For all I knew, she could turn me into a frog!

I needed to bind her to me completely, unbreakably, with the strongest of emotions. So as I thrust my cock into her eager, dripping slave pussy, I reached into her mind as well. I needed more than the devotion, desire, and submission of my other slaves. I needed her total dedication. I needed her to care, to want to be with me, to ensure she would resist any attempt to free her with every resource at her disposal.

I needed her to love me.

We both felt the change. Her moans grew softer, her motions a little slower. There was less desperation, more tenderness. “Oh Master,” she sighed softly. “I feel… I feel so…”

Don’t get me wrong. I still brought her to a shattering, screaming climax that cascaded through her in wave after wave of overwhelming, irresistible pleasure. But when it was over, she didn’t just lie there in blissed-out awe; she snuggled against me, nuzzled my shoulder, and sighed in happiness. And then she lay there in blissed-out awe.

“I love you,” she murmured softly. “You’re amazing… the most wonderful man in all the worlds.”

I chuckled and stroked her hair, enjoying the change of pace–wait. “There are other worlds!?”

Zatanna smiled lazily. “Oh yes, Master. Fifty-two variants of this one, and an infinity beyond. Would you like to see?”

All I could do was nod. I’d never imagined!

Zatanna slid out of bed. “Emutsoc tseixes ym no tup!” she cried, and was suddenly clothed in a more-revealing variant of the costume she’d been wearing when I came in. “Esrevitlum eht ot wodniw a retsam wohs!”

Energy flowered behind her, a glowing, complex circle floating in the air. It shimmered, wavered, and then–I saw. Worlds beyond worlds. Worlds with heroes and villains like ours, but subtly different. Worlds with completely different heroes and villains. Worlds where no one had powers. Worlds completely unlike our own.

Zatanna smiled. “So, Master, my love… which would you like to conquer first?”

Happy Valentine’s Day!