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Ah, Tifa! It’s been a long time. I’m sure you’re wondering why you’ve come back here. Perhaps I can refresh your memory… Sleep! Charm! Control!

Ah, now you remember me, don’t you? That wonderful but all to brief time we spent together shortly after you set out on your adventures?

“Yes, Master.”

Very good. And now you’ve come back to me, more skilled and powerful than ever, but still just as lovely. I’m quite glad I made sure to leave an opening in your mind just for me, otherwise you could probably shrug off my spells with ease now, couldn’t you?

“Yes, Master.”

Haha, modest as ever, too! I assume, since you’re back, that you’ve mastered that Enchant Materia I gave you long ago, and it’s created a copy? Good girl. Let me just close up shop and I can reward you. Later I’m going to want you to give the new copy to that lovely young woman I noticed in your party, but not until after you’ve cast some spells on her and sent her my way. First, though, some fun…

“Yes, Master.”

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