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Back when I was a young adventurer, before I settled down to become a merchant, I came across a rather unique Materia. Of the three spells I learned from it, only one was familiar; the other two were new, though I’ve since learned at least one of them is used by certain classes of monster. Regardless, as I grew to understand how they work, I named them, and that gave me the name of the Materia, too. It is the only one I bother to slot now that I work for a living, my Enchant materia, and it’s very handy when a lovely young woman walks into my shop.

In fact, here’s one now. Allow me to demonstrate: Sleep! See how she starts in surprise, then wavers, eyes fluttering as she tries to keep them open. See how relaxation sweeps over her as she gives in? Which means it’s time for the next spell, Charm! See her dreamy expression, the soft smile that steals across her face? She is thinking of me, feeling for me, thanks to the spell. And now the grand finale: Control! Wake up, dear.

“Yes, Master.”

See how smoothly she obeys? That’s the power of Control–but that look of happiness in her eyes, the desire when she looks at me? That’s Charm. And of course Sleep puts her in a vulnerable state that allows the other two to work more effectively. As for why I am telling you all this? Well, as you are no doubt aware, when one masters a Materia, it spawns a copy. I have succeeded in mastering the copy my first Enchant Materia spawns, meaning I now have two mastered, and am therefore willing to part with one. How does, say, a million gil sound to you?

Hesitant? I understand. My dear, why don’t you entertain my reluctant customer for a time? See if you can use your considerable charms to persuade him my offer is worth every gil…

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