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I found a solution to my “too easy” problem, but it meant leaving behind my good girls for a while. I let a few of them know, to see how they would respond.

Harley was the first; I found her waiting for me in the bedroom when I came home to pack, wearing a delicious little red and black number.

“Hey, Mistah M,” she said. “Ya wanna rev up your Harley?”

I laughed. “I don’t think it’s that hard,” I said, and filled her mind with arousal and pleasure.

“Ohhh…” she moaned. “Why don’t ya show me what else is hard?”

Not bothering to answer, I took her face in my hands, sending ripples of pleasure through her with every touch. She whimpered and tilted her face up toward me, so I claimed her luscious mouth with my own, while I reached into her mind and stimulated near-orgasmic pleasure.

She melted against me, utterly, perfectly submissive, desperate to cater to my every desire. I needed only to make the slightest gesture, and she obeyed: a tug at the bottom of her babydoll and she was eagerly stripping, a gentle push back and down on her shoulders and she melted back into the bed, the slightest touch on her thighs and she spread her legs eagerly.

As I fucked her, I made her orgasm with every thrust. She came again and again, clutching me and screaming my name. By the time I finally came she was barely conscious, overwhelmed utterly by pleasure, near-literally fucked stupid. I left her on the bed in a blissed-out daze while I started to consider what I would need for my journey.