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(Continued from this post)

Of course there was only so much I could do in a noisy, crowded, public place like the lobby. Still, it was enough to convince her to meet me outside the hotel that night, to “show her good places to get dinner during the con.”

She greeted me with a broad smile, clearly happy to see me, as I’d told her to be. As her new friend who was full of good advice, it was easy to get her talking as we walked down the street, and she soon admitted that she really only agreed to come to the con because her friend wanted to go with her as a pair of characters, and she had rather a crush on said friend.

That was everything I needed. With that knowledge, it was easy to bring her under and convince her that I could teach her a foolproof way to reveal her feelings without risk of rejection, that if she just relaxed and came with me, I could teach her everything she needed to know…

After that she gladly came with me to my hotel room, then gladly opened her mind to be programmed to put her friend in a trance.

And once I woke her up, she was eager to show her appreciation in all the ways I’d suggested while I was in her wide-open mind…

(To be continued…)