It was a good thing Lisa got out of there when she did. She was so wet, and every time she went to pull her top back up over her breast her hand zeroed in on her nipple instead. Another few minutes of exposure to that…that spiral, that signal, whatever it was…and she’d have been utterly helpless to resist Mark’s cock.

She knew that on some level, she should be utterly furious at him for what he tried to do. Maybe in another few minutes, once it wore off, she would be. He lied to her, told her that they were just going to watch an “interesting video” he found online, and then the screen went all wavy and swirly on her and Lisa’s eyes just sort of…locked, right into the center. Deep into the center.

It felt good, Lisa had to admit. It felt like a strong, sensual tug right on the deepest part of her mind, the animal drive to fuck until she felt hot sticky cum spurt into her wet, needy cunt. She remembered feeling like she could watch forever, like nothing mattered but the spiral, the soothing pulse in her ears, the powerful throb and swirl of the sexy colors…Lisa sagged against the doorway, the memory alone enough to make her weak in the knees.

She remembered Mark talking to her, but somehow the details of his words refused to come back to Lisa’s mind. She just remembered his voice, deep and rich and warm in her ear, mingling with the pulse and throb of the music. Man voice. That was all she could think of it as. It was man voice, and she needed a man to fuck her. That must have been when she lost her skirt. Lisa didn’t dare go back for it now, even if the easy access to her wet panties made it all too tempting to rub herself and think of that soft, swirling spiral. Lisa groaned in arousal, her eyes drifting shut as she remembered her narrow escape.

It was when Mark pulled down her top that Lisa realized what was happening. Not clearly–by that point, her eyes were lost in a glassy, unfocused stare as she watched the screen and went blank. But she felt Mark’s hand, rubbing and caressing her bare tit, and she realized he was playing with her body. He was treating her like a sex toy, getting her wet and horny and mindless so he could fuck her. She knew instinctively–no, not instinctively, Lisa corrected herself. She knew because the spiral told her. Once she came with his hard cock inside her, once he made her his helpless bitch in heat as she stared and listened and let the lust shut her mind down, she’d be his. Forever. The programming would lock in, and she’d never be able to resist again.

But luckily, she escaped. She got away before he could get inside her. She was free; she just needed a moment or two to gather her thoughts, and she’d be able to stop seeing the spiral in her head. She’d stop daydreaming about Mark’s cock, plunging into her wet cunt, plowing deep into her slick pussy and making her growl with mindless lust as the swirling colors soothed her mind away and left her a horny, obedient fucktoy for Mark’s use whenever he wanted, whenever he needed to pump her full of his cum and make her–

“Honey?” Mark said, leaning in from the bedroom. He didn’t even have to take a step past the doorway to touch her. “Come back to bed.”

“Of course,” Lisa said in a dreamy voice, obediently taking Mark’s hand and allowing herself to be guided back to the bed. Already, her eyes were locking onto the spiral once more…

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