There was always an incredible thrill in taking a ‘normal’ girl.

Chelsea didn’t know anything about hypnosis. She was barely aware of the fetish world in general, with her idea of leather and submission not far from whatever they had in a Frederick’s catalogue or an E.L. James novel. Her idea of kinky was anal and choking. Sexy costumes and roleplay were for Halloween. And her idea of seduction revolved around acting hot or whatever she saw on her celebrity reality shows and social media clips. And that was fine. A lot of people were like her. Most people were like her. Sometimes there had to be reminders that a lot of modern young people take their cues about what’s sexy from music videos and not much else. That the hypnosis fetish was, by and by, a relatively weird thing.

Weird doesn’t take away from hot, though.

Chelsea’s whispering a countdown mantra to herself now. She’s been looking forward to being taken deeper ever since our third date, after I brought it up and she dared me to hypnotize her. It had been plaguing her all week ever since, apparently. She looked up whether it was normal to feel that good being hypnotized. She found the usual places. She saw and heard and read about the kinds of things that hypnosis and kink and sex mixed together was like. And now she’s here on our fourth date, amazed at how calm and excited she could be at the same time.

I’m not sure if Chelsea’s going to go further with the fetish, or me for that matter. Maybe it’ll be just a one time thing, a nice memory of a life experience. Maybe this is the start of her story, her rabbit hole down the dark and sexy path of kink and domination and conventions and munches. Maybe she’ll be somewhere in between, enjoying trance every so often and keeping it as a reliable standby like a trusty vibrator or dildo in her private drawer. Or something else entirely even!

All I know is there’s a beautiful, hypnotized girl that’s expecting me to do anything and everything that I want to her in her trance.

And that’s absolutely more than enough.


(I’m actually a digital artist that specializes in erotic hypnosis
pieces and these little vignettes are just something that I can do
quickly on the side in between bouts of art sessions. Visit or for my fan art and original pieces!)