The user had pointed their browser to a porn site.

The user’s browser sent a cookie that Server passed on to the marketing analytics site; that site confirmed that the user had a probability exceeding 99.6% of belonging to the target demographic of Female, Age 21-29, Unmarried, Annual Income $45-60K.

With the next page the user’s browser loaded, Server injected the packet of code intended for the target demographic. The camera on the user’s computer turned on and off briefly. The image was sent back to Server, who ran it through an image processor that ascertained that the user’s appearance conformed to the targeted specification to at least 70%. This was sufficient to trigger the acquisition protocol.

Now overlaid on the video images streamed to the user’s browser was a shimmering pattern of an eye-catching spiral, enough to keep the user’s eye engaged but not enough to obscure the fucking, sucking, and caressing that the user was watching.

Another test image from the user’s camera indicated that the user was fully engaged. Server now switched the video stream  from what the user had chosen to the selection intended to direct and instruct the user to comply and accept. The audio signal encouraged the user to masturbate. The video stream showed the rewards that awaited users who complied.

Server completed the download of code to the user and terminated the subliminal hypnotic signal. The user was released to internally process its upgrade. Server had added another bot to the botnet. Server transmitted the new bot’s IP address and access codes to the botnet’s control nexus.

(image source: unknown; via @haywaine)

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