The books were fascinating! she giggled to herself, as she felt her pussy juices leak out on to the hotel room carpet.

Each of them held a different clue, a cryptic riddle which led in turn to a different chapter in another book, and each one required her to do something in order to further her research. She’d been sceptical of that trade off, at first, but it seemed silly to be scared – after all, these books were centuries old, and there was no-one else in the room with her, thousands of miles from her hometown.

Once the books had finished asking her to remove an item of clothing in order to be allowed to continue, they began asking her to change her mind. Hungry for the answers, she readily agreed, granting them access and permission to override and rewrite her thoughts, her history, her personality.

The final book promised her a lifetime of success and pleasure – her research would be complete, and she’d finally have all the answers she needed. And all the book wanted in return? A mind-blowing orgasm, that would leave her empty, open and completely pliable.

That’s, like, so easy! she grinned, setting aside the book, lying back on the carpet, and sliding as many fingers as it would take inside her pussy to drown herself in lust.