Cosplay girl

“Master,” said Zatanna when I entered her home. “I am ready to cast the spell you desired.”

“Good girl,” I replied, flooding her mind with pleasure.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Do… do you want me to cast it now..?”

There was a hesitation, a reluctance in her voice. Not a reluctance to obey–that was unthinkable for her now–but something else. I grinned and beckoned her closer.

“I think we have a little time first,” I said, taking her face in my hand.

She looked up at me in awe, eyes filled with worship and desire. “Master…” she sighed.

Wordlessly, I tilted her head a bit to the side and began kissing my way down her neck. Her hat and wand fell to the ground as she clutched the back of my head, giggling. I trailed kisses down across her collarbone to bury my face in her impressive cleavage, while my hands fell to her ass.

“Take me, Master…” she whimpered, her mind filling with lust even without prodding by my powers. “Fuck your slave… please…”

“Don’t worry, pet… I intend to.”

(To be continued…)