Cosplay girl

(Continued from this post.)

The second phase was harder than I thought. It turns out that a few short months of a young and eager Kryptonian focusing entirely on one medium-sized city was enough to put a pretty serious dent in the gangs and muggers, but not enough time for real supervillains to move in and claim the territory opened up. Finding a handful of street toughs took hours, and I had to amp up their aggression immensely before they actually tried to mug me.

I have to admit, she’s good. I’d barely started screaming for help when she swooped down, heat-visioned the gun of one thug, then snatched the chain the other was swinging and wrapped up both.

“Are you all right,s–” she hesitated as she recognized me. “Sir?”

“How can I ever thank you, Supergirl? You saved my life!”

“Just part of the job, sir.”

“You’re incredible,” I said admiringly. At the same time, I adjusted her emotions: attraction, desire, protectiveness, and just a touch of regret. “"I’d heard about the powerful, brave defender of National City, but nobody told me you were beautiful, too.” Flattery, curiosity, happiness. “I’m sorry, that was inappropriate, I’m just so glad you saved me. Please, at least let me buy you a coffee or something? Not like that, just as a thank you!” A flash of disappointment at “not like that,” eagerness.

She looked me over, appraising, considering, thinking it over. I could feel her resistance, the fact that she didn’t do things like accepting gifts from people she favored… But she remembered me as her old crush, thought I didn’t recognize her and was interested… I could feel her temptation. Everything hinged on what she chose next…

(to be continued…)